Therapeuticum "de Wilg" (the Willow) is a primary care health center in the small provincional town Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The dutch health system provides low-budget access to the general practitioner ("huisarts") and his multidisciplinary team. Antroposohy is an integrated part of the care in this center since 1991.

The main building contains working space for the medic, the nurse, and the art therapist. There is one room for dietary and psychologic advice. Eurithmy therapy is given on another location nearby.

The patient-representative is working for Antroposana on a voluntary-basis.

The center has 1500 registered patients and is working on a contract with the main Insurance Company VGZ. in the region Northern Holland.

Regular contacts with the local hospital M.C.A. are available.


On 26-27 june 2014  the Integrative Consultation Sheet, that was developed in "the Willow", in cooperation with Midgard therapeutic center, will be presented on the 4th Scientific Congres on Integrative Medicine and Antroposophy. For downloads see site menu "Consultation Sheet"


For inquiries about the development and functioning of the Therapeuticum please contact:

JBJ Dries, general practitioner


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